Artwork by Tim Rolls

Artwork by Tim Rolls

No Frontier (Sensing Waves, June 13, 2017)

No Frontier is a collection of four Žhii songs that tread everywhere from '60s psychedelia and UK bass to hip-hop and drone metal, riding on waves of luminous guitars and cavernous sound effects, limber live drums with heartbeat kicks, and churning, capricious synthesizers – a forward-thinking flourish of sounds unabashedly borrowed from Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Further-era Chemical Brothers in equal measure. Thematic undercurrents of suffering, faith and duty emerge from field recordings of the Prairie backcountry, the crackle of a car's AM radio and the furor of protests in cities across North America. 

In order of first appearance, No Frontier features the voices of: Qais Akbar Omar, John Henry Jackson, Emma Jane Kirby with Carol Off, Fred Hampton, Thomas W. Laqueur, Jonathan Kim with Carmen Segarra, Barbara Nichol with Dave Carley, Mrs. L. Reed and Mrs. T.A. Duncans, and the Como Mamas with Mary Moore. "No Frontier" features a recording of an Idle No More protest in Ottawa in January 2013. "Sheet Music War Machine" includes a recording from the Edmonton Women's March in January 2017. 

1. Culvert Bridge (3:37)
2. Fiat Lux (3:36)
3. No Frontier (4:28)
4. Sheet Music War Machine (5:50)

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